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JADA AK/AKC Super Automatic Espresso Machine

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Simply the most advance espresso machine in the world. Up to 480 cups per hour! One step grinding and brewing operation with two independent grinders, two groups for simultaneous dispensing of four espressos at the touch of a button.

Astoria JADA  fully automatic espresso machines are controlled by an advanced user friendly micro-processor system with easy to read, easy to operate touch pads and illuminated electronic functions display.

Please note: We will pay for a two hour machine start up, via a qualified ASTORIA service technician. You must assure that a filter to stop sediment, pipe scale and lime is/are installed, to protect the machine from issues related to water intake.

Please provide complete address to enable us to calculate your shipping cost, including transportation insurance.

This machine is professional grade and will perform as intended by the manufacturer.